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I KNOW THE HEADLINE IS A STRETCH.  But I wanted to go with a pun, and found it really hard to make a play on words with the iconic Vietnamese sandwich and riding a bike. So I went with it!

EVERY THURSDAY EVENING, MOJO BICYCLE CAFE HOSTS A POP UP BY THE AWESOME FOLKS AT RICE PAPER SCISSORS. Although I will always have a warm place in my heart for Saigon Sandwich in the Tenderloin, but enjoying a gourmet meal in front of Mojo is mildly more pleasant than on the corner of Eddy and Larkin (which I don’t really mind either, but Saigon Sandwich closes at 5:00pm anyhow).

So if you are looking for excellent Vietnamese street food in a crime-free atmosphere, Rice Paper Scissors on a Thursday night is the way to go.


I ordered the grilled pork banh mi (pictured above) and ham sui gok, which are fried mochi dumplings stuffed with pork and shitake mushrooms. The sandwich was phenomenal. The meat was tender and seasoned perfectly, the pate wasn’t too gamey and the daikon pickles added the perfect amount of tang. I thought the housemade mayo was the business as well. The mochi dumplings were great, partially because they are both squishy and crunchy at the same time—and I always chalk that up as a win in my book.

ALL OF THE ABOVE WAS SERVED WITH A SMILE BY VALERIE, CO-FOUNDER OF RICE PAPER SCISSORS. She is also apparently living, of her own volition, in eight different neighborhoods this year. She’s documenting the whole project on her website.

Go. You can keep track of their weekly menu at Mojo here. Also, follow them on Twitter @ricepapersf.


639 Divisadero St.

Thursdays 6 - 10 pm

-Stephen Jackson

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