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IF YOU ARE IN YOUR TWENTIES OR THIRTIES AND HAVEN’T YET SUBSTITUTED YOGA FOR DRINKING AS AN ACTIVITY AFTER WORK, YOU PERIODICALLY SIT ON THIS CORNER AND DRINK BEER AT ROCK-BOTTOM PRICES. Call it a rite of passage. Call it a habit. Either way, this place is a neighborhood institution—and has been since 1993.

Well, don’t freak out, but things are about to change…for the better! According to owner Mike Zagah, The Bean Bag Cafe will be closed from April 29th to May 9th for interior renovations. He’s owned the place for the 20 years it’s been in existence and the only other major changes were made back in 1999. Thus, he feels it’s time to keep up with the pace of change in the neighborhood. 

Currently, the service counter looks like this:


Not bad, right? Well it’s about to get a major upgrade. To give you an idea of the direction they’re headed, the counter tops seen here will be replaced with reclaimed wood, and other surfaces will include granite elements. Furthermore, the counters facing the windows on Divis will be raised and elongated, and also replaced with reclaimed wood.

Additionally, they are giving the place a paint job, which means <sniff> that this scene will soon be absent from your Bean Bag experience:


That’s right, you will no longer benefit from the illusion of sipping coffee in a sleepy French hollow as you work on that pitch for your start-up. But hey, if you’re going to make omelets  (which they still will) you’ve got to break eggs.

Speaking of their cuisine, Mike says that the menu will stay much the same, along with the prices, but they will add some new dishes to jazz up the menu and keep pace with the foodie tidal wave that has hit the neighborhood.

AND DON’T WORRY, THE COST OF A HAPPY HOUR BEER ISN’T CHANGING AT ALL. Mike understands the service he provides to the neighborhood and he’s going to keep pumping out those Stellas after 3 o’ clock for no additional additional fee.

Personally, I am excited to see the evolution of this place, although I will miss its current atmosphere a little. But maybe I’m just being sentimental. Either way, I look forward to many more afternoons squandered away on the corner of Divisadero and Hayes.

The Bean Bag Cafe

601 Divisadero St.

Monday - Friday 7:00am to 10:00pm

Weekends 8:00am - 10:00pm

-Stephen Jackson

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